Developing Leadership Skills for Christian Servant LeadersDeveloping leadership skills for Christians is often limited to theological or worship leadership. Sadly, developing people and organisational leadership skills is badly neglected.  This is true in the secular world too.  People are called upon to lead people without knowing what leadership is about, what it looks like and how to do it.

There is often a strange, illogical and polarised outlook that highlights the lack of understanding. On the one hand we often feel that leaders are special people, born  with the ability. On the other, we often assume that anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position is naturally equipped to be a leader.

Would you lead a mountaineering expedition without training, skill and experience; or  troops into battle, or….  Why would we expect Christians to be able to lead people in Kingdom endeavors without developing leadership skills?

Developing Leadership Skills for Christ-centred Servant Leaders

As Christians we have an enormous advantage in that we have Jesus as our leadership role model. We are called to daily grow to be more Christ-like in our lives. That includes being a leader. Jesus was the supreme servant leader. He was focused on enabling his people to grow into maturity and achieve their full potential for God’s Kingdom purposes.  The challenge for us is to become Christ-centred servant leaders. This is about both developing a Christ-like character and developing leadership skills that equip us to lead others in the way that is sympathetic to being a Christ-centred servant leader.

This section of the web site collects together articles focused on particular perspectives of being a Christ-centred servant leader. Enjoy…


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