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Cookies help our site provide you with a good user experience and facilitate some functionality. Our site also comprises services provided by third parties who also use cookies as outlined bellow:

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see

You can delete all the cookies already on your computer and you can set most browsers to block them being placed. But if you do this, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit our site.

Log-in to Member Areas

To facilitate your use of member areas which require you to log-in cookies are used to retain your  user name and a  double-hashed (“encrypted”) copy of your password. These cookies are set to expire two weeks from the time they are set.

Visitors Commenting  on Articles and Bloggs

When you comment on a blog or an article cookies are stored on your computer. This is purely a convenience, so that you won’t need to re-type all your information again when you want to leave another comment. The commenter cookies are set to expire a little under one year from the time they’re set.

On-Line Courses

Some of Claybury International’s on-line course use a system called Moodle. Two cookies are used by this system. One is essential –  MoodleSession. You must allow this cookie into your browser to provide continuity and maintain your login from page to page. When you log out or close the browser this cookie is destroyed (in your browser and on the server).

The other cookie is purely for convenience, usually called MOODLEID. It just remembers your username within the browser. This means when you return to the site the username field on the login page will be already filled out for you. It is safe to refuse this cookie – you will just have to retype your username every time you log in.

Subscribing for Information

Aweber and Mailchimp are  used to allow you to subscribe to receive specific and general information. Mailchimp does not use cookies to track susbcribers. Aweber uses cookies to track a number of activities and provide a desirable experience for Claybury International  and our subscribers. They do link the information they store in cookies to personally identifiable information you submit while using the Aweber or Mailchimp provided facilities.

In addition to  Aweber’s own cookies, third party advertisers may use them to both improve the performance of the Aweber service and provide features such as advertising.

You can avoid these cookies by not subscribing for information or you can restrict the use of cookies or delete them from your browser at anytime by configuring your browser settings. (Please note that restricting cookies can interfere with some of the functionality of our website.)

You can learn more about  Aweber’s Privacy Policies and use of cookies at and

On-Line Shop

We use E-Junkie to provide our on-line shop facilities. The E-junkie site may send your computer a cookie.

Third party cookies via E-junkie’s site are not personally identifiable – that is to say, they do not allow third party advertisers to gain significant personal information about who you are.

Cookies may be used to identify trends in a user’s browsing pattern. Information gathered from your visits to E-Junkie and/or other sites may be used to determine which advertisements are served via E-Junkie and/or other sites.

In the course of serving advertisements via the E-Junkie site, E-Junkie’s third-party advertiser may place or recognize a unique Cookie on your browser.

You can learn more about E-Junkie’s use of cookies at


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