Claybury International was originally established in 1993 after its principal and co-founder, the late Rev Colin Buckland engaged in detailed research into the needs of Christian Leaders. The findings of the research led to the establishment of this ministry.  For many years Claybury International has engaged in the care and development of Christian leaders, missionaries and Christian organisations on a global basis.  From the beginning of 2014 Claybury became part of  the One Another Ministries family.

Our vision is that Christ’s church is released, by the growth and development of Christ-centred leaders, to achieve her full Kingdom potential, accomplishing her global mission with increased effectiveness, greater vibrancy and vitality.

We focus on two aspects of leadership that are sadly neglected in Bible colleges and seminaries:

  • Leaders lead people and organisations. To do this well requires the development of skill and capability, and doing it well enables Christians to excel in their Kingdom service, whether it is through churches, missions or other Christian organisations. We focus on a Christ-centred approach, following the Servant King, “the author and perfector of our faith” who took a towel and served those that he led. We do this rather than simply Christianising secular leadership philosophies which do not challenge secular outlooks and leadership styles. This is not to say that specific tools cannot be used, but they must be selected and used in the context of our following Christ not some worldly management guru.
  • Leaders need to develop a stable and sustainable style of leadership, ministry and life. It is all too easy for Christian leaders to be drawn into a style of ministry that sucks them dry, a valley of dry bones in reverse. The demands and pressures of a caring ministry and serving a higher purpose can draw Christian leaders into an unsustainable life style that leads to ill health and burnout. Needing every drop of emotional and spiritual energy to survive they have little, if any left for others.