Claybury’s scope has always been international,   encouraging Christian leaders to adopt a sustainable ministry style and  learn to excel as leaders of people.

The geographic spread of Christian leaders makes working face-to-face with everyone impossible. So, we have been developing Claybury International’s on-line resource centre – – to help. Its content is designed to support Christian leaders as they develop as Christ-centred servant leaders, living out a leadership style modelled by Jesus. Much of the material available is free of charge.

So far Claybury International has worked with Christian leaders in:

United Kingdom United States Haiti
Bolivia Chile Ecuador
Netherlands Antilles Germany Austria
Switzerland Lithuania Belarus
Italy Holland France
Slovakia Ukraine Spain
Monaco Ghana South Africa
Ethiopia Uganda  India
Singapore Malaysia

Both physical and financial constraints limit Claybury’s ability to work face-to-face with all those we would love to support.  This website enables us to cover this gap in human capability and is now the main thrust of our ministry. Annually over 60,000 Christian leaders from more than 50 countries make use of it