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Culture Craft
by Rick Sessoms & Colin Buckland
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Many committed, capable, next-generation leaders are confused and frustrated in their current organisations. They cannot reconcile the evident chasm between the Jesus way of leadership and their own organisations’ dysfunctional cultures. Rick and Colin have written this book to clear the confusion. They ask tough questions that reveal any organisation’s culture. They also offer practical, proven tools to build a ‘healthy’ organisation, one whose members demonstrate real values that are consistent with the teaching and example of Jesus. This is a must-read book for ‘culture crafters’, those leaders who want to influence their organisations toward better health.

Preface to Culture Craft

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Project Management for Christian Leaders (Second Edition)

by Mike Waddell

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Project-Management-Ed2-thum In the Christian sphere, where resources are in scarce supply and the outcomes are important, many leaders will find themselves running projects with few project management skills and little experience. Often the result is high levels of pain in terms of personal stress, waste of money and resources, and too often failure. Borne from years of experience, “Project Management for the Christian Leader” picks up from where the ebooklet “Project Management: A Practical Guide for Christian Leaders” finishes. The 180 pages of this second edition provide a servant leader’s insight into the true nature of projects, keeping strategies and plans in line with God’s purpose while leading the project team members to achieve their full potential. It sets out simple but comprehensive approaches for project planning, execution and it offers practical guidance for dealing with common issues, while keeping in mind the needs of both church and organisational project managers. See also the Christian Leadership article 7 Tips to Reduce Project Management Stress for Christian Leaders

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Project Management: A Practical Guide for Christian Leaders – an eBooklet by Mike Waddell Price:  Free – use Discount Code ClayburyGrace   (eBook download only)

CI2730-01 110906 Project Management Guide cover-thumbnail One of the greatest stressors anywhere, let alone for Christian leaders, is running a project. This is because projects are dependent upon other people for achievement and more than that, most times they will involve activities beyond the competence of the project manager. In Christian circles many leaders are running projects but have no training and experience to call upon. This eBooklet of a dozen pages briefly surveys 10 key steps for successful projects. Mike is an experienced project manager. For many years he has run project teams operating around the world delivering complex projects. This booklet provides an accessible, practical guide distilling the essence of project planning and management for the inexperienced and uninitiated Christian project leader. It’s a “must read” for budding project managers.

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